The Mission

You want your business to work, but it doesn’t fit into the standard packaged advice. You feel you aren’t understood by the business advisors you’ve found so far. Those advisors want you to fit into a box, and then their advice would work for the business as they’ve squeezed it down to fit into their world view.

But you are more creative than that — and need innovative approaches to improving your businesses.

By applying tools from disparate industries we can open up the options for increasing your business and your bottom line. You can be BOTH creative and strategic … but it might not look like anything those other advisors have ever seen before.

That’s ok.

In my world Oddball is a compliment, Eccentric is a point of pride, and Weirdos rule.

Fall of 2021, inside my seasonal tearoom business

I’ll share the strategies and tools that have helped me repeatedly build multiple-six-figure businesses.

Some of these businesses I sold … it’s a great outlet for a hyper-creative. But rather than continue building and selling businesses, I’m creating a delivery system for the tools I used to do so.

These tools and strategies will help you build, create, or improve your endeavors so that you can make a good living doing the things that you love … rather than trying to cram your dreams into a box someone else built.

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