There is Magic in Momentum

I’m not a person who looks for the next catastrophe. In fact, a friend referred to me (lovingly, I hope) as Pollyannic just the other day. But I’m sitting in a great place, wondering what the next project should be.

It’s not a great time to have such a drive. Our work season is in upswing, and we’ll spend the next 5 months making a year’s income … so we’re kinda busy. But there is wisdom in that phrase “You want to get something done? Ask a busy person.” There is magic in momentum.

There is a little voice in my head saying I’m not busy enough … that there is currently not enough momentum. Consequently I am seriously cooking on my next great thing, and allowing this personal blog to be just that, a personal blog by a successful woman with a really wacky business. Funny how once the pressure is off for the blog to “be” something … I want to spend more time with it.

Maybe not so funny.

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Rhonni is a blissciplined serial entrepreneur, who has crafted a life in which she is surrounded by people who do what they love. She curates and blogs about her wacky and wonderful world at

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