The Guitar House

I love to see situations where people have shaped their world as they want … like this guy.

Stop the car!

There was not a giant crew of stucco artists cranking out an expensive and eccentric home. There were 2 guys. One of them explaining with grand hand gestures; although he had stucco on himself as well.

(Scary scaffolding picture)

This place was not a large home, but it had a great deal of presence. I mean really, don’t you feel like you’ve arrived someplace important with this gate?

I think this guy is into music.

Yes, this is the chimney. Yes there is an outdoor firebox. No, this is not within a theme park.

The fireplace works both inside and out; not uncommon in the TX-MX border area.

Nope … I could not have made this up.I almost missed the fact that the house is round. I’d love to see it from the air to know if the footprint is guitar shaped as well.

Yes, the entire wall curves.

This was just a roadside random sighting I wanted to share. This guy obviously loves what he does. It’s unfinished, yet already too fabulous.



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