I’m headed to NYC for a couple of days. This is not unusual in summer, because I live only 40 miles from Manhattan from mid-June until Labor Day. However, I’m going to attend a workshop/conference called TechMUNCH, and it’s on the day I would normally begin my drive from Atlanta to New York. I tried on several different travel configurations in my mind, and the most economical and energy efficient in regards to my own health is my current plan. I’ll pack up my ATL office and residence as usual, then park at a friend’s place and have her drive me to the airport for my 3 day escape to NYC. When I return to ATL I’ll get in my car and begin the seasonal relocation drive to NY for summer.

I’m very excited about this day of workshops. I’d been looking for the synthesis of answering wacky questions from other foodservice and event professionals, and working to bring my own targeted audience to our operations at theme parks and events. Traditionally vendors rely upon the Festival Management to do all of the PR and marketing. It’s one of the reasons we happily pay our fees.  However, those of us who appeal to a specific demographic need to take on more responsibility in promotions. When I can reach out and directly connect with my own target audience, our common interests bring us together naturally.

Blogging really seems to be part of the answer. Also, it gives me a platform from which to ask for advice as I bring more gluten-free and diet-specific items into our menus. As I work to source more organics in parts of the country where organics are not yet considered required stock by wholesalers, I can more easily be in conversation with folks in those industries. So now I’m well into the WordPress learning curve, and setting up some journalistic habits before I get into my busier season. Perhaps vlogging or podcasting will be the best way for me to keep updating during September through November, when I usually experience 3 months of 80 hour week workloads. You really learn to keep your eyes on the prize during that type of seasonal, high-volume madness.

So TechMUNCH thoughts fill my waking and even some of my sleeping moments now … it will be interesting to see if I can dream of anything else afterward.

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