Potluck Pics: South of the Border

Near Atlanta, Georgia, on May 21st, the Competition Potluck Theme was South of the Border. The unplanned but well-balanced menu consisted of Green Chile w/ Shredded Pork (which does *not* photograph well), Cheese Enchiladas, Tofu Tacos which pleased even the meatiest eaters, Mango Black Bean Stew, and Organic Guacamole.

Kelly's Contribution
Mango & Black Bean Stew
Organic Guacamole from my orchard in TX.

Oh and Mara-gritas, er, Margo-litas, er … Limeade w/ good stuff and some salt.

2 thoughts on “Potluck Pics: South of the Border

  1. Isn’t that organic guacamole from your ‘orchard’ in Texas, not your ‘orchand’ in Texas? And never, never, never invite me to look at your food blog when I haven’t had dinner yet!!!!! MEANIE!!!!

  2. Thanks for catching the typo Kerry. I *guess* I’m sorry I made you hungry, but I have to admit, I take that as a great compliment.

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