Olive Oil in Cupcakes?

Jennifer Perillo may just be my new hero. She and I are on the same page about what to do when one cannot use butter … and the fact that even the fake buttery type things from the health food store creep us out.

Jennie says this: “Using artificial substitutes was not an option. Honestly, even if it’s from the healthfood store, all that stuff scares me and feels a little too frankenfood-like. Butter I know. Olive oil isn’t foreign. Dairy-free soybean margarine just conjures up factory-food images I’d rather not put into anything I’m cooking for people I love.”
So today, when she posted this Chocolate Olive Oil Cupcake recipe on her blog … and included the link to the earlier Lemon version which was uber-yummy … I might have fallen in love a little more. I was already on the road to fangirl status after her Recipe Writing 101 class at TECHmunchNYC (was that only 2 weeks ago?). So I thought I’d share the love and the link here.


One thought on “Olive Oil in Cupcakes?

  1. I have used extra virgin olive oil in my baked goods since the early 90’s. We had a family health crisis and so switched a lot of things. I will definitely have to go to the other blog for the lemon version.

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