Multitasking a photoshoot

Like most small business owners, advertising and marketing decisions and tasks fall to me. Unlike most small business owners, the festivals in which I vend do most of the heavy lifting to get people in the gate.  I have two major tasks — provide the festival PR teams with whatever they may need to keep their content interesting and fresh, and do what I can to drive in-park traffic.

To that end, we’ve scheduled a photoshoot that (if it works as I hope) will be a triumph of multitasking. We need to accomplish the following:

  1. create photos and videos of our higher-end cake offerings
  2. create high-quality photos of our catering menu
  3. make videos of our drinks being mixed, so that we can create gifs and cinemagraphs
  4. capture photos and videos of people together at a table, enjoying all of these offerings
  5. and finally, celebrate my birthday with a group of friends

I think we can do it. I have a great crew, and midway through the shoot I have several friends scheduled to show up to consume food and drink. Most of them are entrepreneurs as well, and they all know what they are getting in to.

Since the images should mimic a festival day, guests will be in a mix of costumed and non-costumed looks. Some festivals have over 50% of their guests arrive in “garb” daily. The tearoom venue we are advertising is still under construction, so we’ve borrowed a venue that has a similar tree-top level atmosphere.

Note: I’ll add some of the resulting images to this post when we are finished. Some of the behind the scenes and unedited stuff will probably show up in Instagram Stories. I’m @rhonnirocks there.

Getting cake photos was a step too far. There was not enough prep time to get them done, so that shoot will happen next week. We *did* nail down our White Sangria recipe, which will be called “White Queen’s Punch” on our fall menu. We also got feedback on our recipes and had a great time visiting with friends. Also, I’m totally going to have to take a class in during drinks, especially layered ones.

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