In the Weeds

It’s November … and the Texas Renaissance Festival is open. I spend all of October, and most of November in “The Weeds”. “The Weeds” is restaurant-speak for way-behind-schedule-and-needing-to-hustle-because-business-is-Rockin’ … so it’s a good thing. Spare moments are spent cat-napping rather than writing blog posts, so I feel I’m way behind here. However, now we’ve hit the half-way point of the festival, so the crew knows what to do, and we’re beginning to feel more caught up.

I’m going to try and get some pictures this weekend. Here is a link to a quick video that my friend Bevan made of our crew this week. The festival was open for school field trips on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week …

RhonniRocks a Student Day at TRF

More soon …

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