New Year’s Eve 2012

New Year’s Eve, and absolutely zero time requirements. We are visiting with my in-laws, who have a great appreciation for quiet reading and conversations about the reading. I’m enmeshed in Guy Kawasaki’s _Enchantment_ and a special edition of Yoga Journal magazine, entitled _Yoga for Beginners_. The feeling is one of a metronome slowing … there… More New Year’s Eve 2012

Not Quite Luxury

I’ve mentioned before that I live in four places every year. Part of this wacky and wonderful life I live allows me to seasonally relocate. I’m in the same places every year, mostly during the same dates, with some slight shifts due to construction projects or meetings. However, key to my living a great life,… More Not Quite Luxury

Apple Pie Porridge

I’ve been serving my Apple Pie Porridge to visiting friends and family for over a decade. It resolves all of the dilemmas about the plebeian oat as a menu offering. I mean, lots of us eat oats for breakfast, but it is rarely something served with pride to a guest Here’s my not-so-top-secret recipe.… More Apple Pie Porridge

Buying our new home

We’re moving.
It seems a weird statement, as our lives are always in motion, with 4 separate residences scattered about. But for the past 10 years I’ve considered our orchard “Home” and the other 3 places as “Playhouses” that are attached to specific job locations.… More Buying our new home