Apple Pie Porridge

I’ve been serving my Apple Pie Porridge to visiting friends and family for over a decade. It resolves all of the dilemmas about the plebeian oat as a menu offering. I mean, lots of us eat oats for breakfast, but it is rarely something served with pride to a guest Here’s my not-so-top-secret recipe.… More Apple Pie Porridge

Buying our new home

We’re moving.
It seems a weird statement, as our lives are always in motion, with 4 separate residences scattered about. But for the past 10 years I’ve considered our orchard “Home” and the other 3 places as “Playhouses” that are attached to specific job locations.… More Buying our new home

In the Weeds

It’s November … and the Texas Renaissance Festival is open. I spend all of October, and most of November in “The Weeds”. “The Weeds” is restaurant-speak for way-behind-schedule-and-needing-to-hustle-because-business-is-Rockin’ … so it’s a good thing. Spare moments are spent cat-napping rather than writing blog posts, so I feel I’m way behind here. However, now we’ve hit… More In the Weeds