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My story … an eccentric’s business strategy.

I’ve been self-employed most of my adult life, dissatisfied with the idea of a single career-track. I have managed to build multiple businesses within the umbrella industry of outdoor themed entertainment. Renaissance Festivals, street shows, music festivals … each have different flavors, but the business needs are very similar. I am continually surrounded with people who have invented themselves and their jobs over and over again. In my world … *this* is normal.

Tegan’s photo of me from 2010

While we are used to making up our life-plan as we go along, folks in my industry are not really different from folks who do a 9 to 5. The main difference between our world and the world of the 9 to 5-er is rarely (if ever) do you hear anyone say they don’t love whatever it is they are doing for a living. Conversations about Work-Life Balance don’t happen at our tables, because those conversations are for people who don’t like their work.

This blog is a place where, with the help of some talented friends and associates, I’ll share some of the eccentric business strategies, and professional know-how that has helped so many of us craft interesting lives. You’ll also find Diversions and Home-Life sections to the blog, because our lives *are* beyond the ordinary, and the stories are interesting and sometimes thought-provoking. Many of us are Multipotentialites, or Renaissance Souls, and so our strengths and our curiosities cover a wide range of subjects. (There’s a reason that category is “Diversions”.)

Back to the bio-bit … I currently reside in 4 places every year. I’ve travelled for over 2 decades “on circuit”, my roles including Carpenter’s Helper, Human Resources Manager, Painter, Designer, Food Booth Manager, Building Coordinator, Hairbraider, General Factotum, Brainstorm Queen, and Boss Lady. None of these jobs were clearly defined until I sculpted them to fit my skills. Skills were honed along the process. As I learned more about building, I moved from being a carpenter’s helper, to being the person that could be counted on to make the trip to the hardware store, and return with what was needed to keep the job going during our tight-deadlines while opening shows. When I decided our buildings were not pretty enough (I wanted to have so many requests for our work, we’d be turning some of them down.) I learned to build shutters, window-boxes, and decorative trim … so that more people were asking for our design and building services.

That was over a decade ago. Now, Mr. Rocks and I make most of our yearly income in the food business. We make enough there that we only work half of the year, and I’m looking at what to do with the rest of my time. I don’t like being idle. I like interacting with people. I like making connections, whether I am connecting a person with the perfect meal, connecting people who may be of use or interest to each other, or connecting people with ideas.

Let’s see where this goes.

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